KM Interior Design Manila is one of the studios of Hydra Design Group, a multi-headed design firm, forged by independent studios with a common passion for creativity, craft, and collaboration. 

Our team believes in creating simple, special spaces.

We believe good space planning and design contribute to the overall energy a space emits. We believe spaces are not passive bystanders, but rather an active environment that provides users better quality of life and experience.



We believe your home is your place of retreat. Let us help you make it!

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We collaborate with teams from marketing to branding to graphic & motion design, to skilled craftsmen and dedicated workers. We work with a pool of trusted contractors and suppliers who execute our works from paper to actual space.

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Our team takes time in understanding the business and customer experience. We engage the client in the design process to create a functional workflow, while balancing aesthetics and comfort for the customers.

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